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Leaders are Readers

June 17, 2019

“Leaders are readers” Zig Ziglar said once “If you love to read you can learn anything you want to know”. What I love about reading is that when you pick up a book your brain 🧠 focuses in the words and the thoughts associated to the words and a vivid imaginary process starts when your brain is looking for the proper neural pathways to understand what is the meaning behind the words involving different thought processes like memory, focus, and the “Eureka” moment where your brain understands what’s going on or starts recreating the most fascinating vivid awake dreams. I was once an avid reader and still have home over 300 real books in my manhattan apartment and to be honest I have not been reading 📖 as much cause of other obligations, phone screen time those are bogus damn excuses I am picking up a book every day and engage in daily reading from now on #zigziglar #harvardbusinessreview #superbodysuperbrain #wbff #npc #reading #reader #leader #stoic #instafit #iphone #branding #train #instaread #readingweek #yoga #book

It’s ok to struggle but not to give up

June 14, 2019

Nietzsche’s classic line was “what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.” It’s a nice sentiment, but is it true? Don’t people who were born with advantages do better in life? Isn’t it better not to suffer setbacks? Why would someone want to experience disadvantages or difficulties?

Those questions were answered in a recent paper published by Cornell University. Researchers looked at RO1 grant application for the National Institutes of Health, focusing on individuals who just missed receiving funding (“near-misses”) and individuals who just succeeded in getting funded (“near-winners”). Comparing the two groups over the ten years following first submission, results found that near-misses produced work that garnered substantially higher impacts than their near-win counterparts. Researchers concluded,

“For those who persevere, early failure should not be taken as a negative signal—but rather the opposite, in line with Shinya Yamanaka’s advice to young scientists, after winning the Nobel prize for the discovery of iPS cells, ‘I can see any failure as a chance.’”

It’s beautiful proof that getting what we want isn’t always what we need. Coming up short, getting stuck, getting passed over—this can be fuel. That’s what Marcus Aurelius was saying when he talked about the impediment to action being an advancement to action, how the obstacle can be the way. There’s another study that shows that college basketball teams down a point or two at half-time were actually more likely to win than the team with the lead. Again, because it made them hungry. The struggles gave them something to prove.

Letters from a Stoic by Seneca

June 5, 2019

“Letters from a stoic” Seneca- The good life is a life lived in accordance with nature. That means leading a simple and honorable life free of vice and temptation – but that’s harder to achieve than it sounds. Even so, studying philosophy can help us in this pursuit. By illuminating the truth, it shows us the path through life’s many challenges and allows us to face danger, setbacks and the inevitability of death, with serenity. Once we have internalized the lessons philosophy offers, our minds can become oases of calm in a tempestuous world.  

Actionable advice:

Keep your mind in good shape, just as you would with your body.

We all know the importance of exercising and eating plenty of vegetables and cutting down on intoxicants like caffeine and alcohol. But health isn’t just a matter of hitting the gym and maintaining a healthy diet – it’s also about training your mind and cultivating a healthy attitude. So don’t forget to complement your fitness regimen with some mental gymnastics.

Studying and learning don’t just keep your mind agile, they also open the door to the great truths of the world and mentally prepare you to cope in trying times. Once you’ve developed the right attitude, you’ll be able to face anything! #harvardbusinessreview #lettersfromastoic #stoic #seneca #philosophy #superbodysuperbrain #stoicism #instastoic #history @blinklist #blinklist #book #newyorktimesbestseller

Fitness Training for Special needs

March 31, 2019

Special needs and exercise- Really excited that some insurers in NYC are willing to pay for some of my training for special needs children- Besides working with adults ive been working with special needs children. I never advertise when comes to my Personal Training services but the kids insurance wanted me to post it online 😂. Physical exercise and personal training are critical when comes to Special Needs children and also Kids with Autism. It has a been a great 10 year journey that started with my book and transitioning to working with these children and see their impressive results- the goal is to start offering group classes soon but if you know anyone who may benefit from my training let them know thank you a million! #specialneeds #autism #specialneeds #nycpersonaltrainer #kids #autism #entrepreneur #occupationaltherapy #physiotherapy #kidsexercise #instakid #instaspecialneeds #saturdaytraining #autismtherapy #adhd #add #train #dyslexia #autismtherapy #strength #confidence #superbodysuperbrain #superbrain

Lecture At the Fashion Institute of Technology

March 21, 2019

Excited with my second lecture Fashion Institute of Technology tomorrow – I will be speaking about how I implement SUPER BODY SUPER BRAIN 🧠 with special populations specifically with children with Autism and Severe Autism- college students need to come up with ideas to design wonderful centers for children with autism and their educators and yes exercise has to be a PRIORITY for them #superbodysuperbrain #fashioninstituteoftechnology #fit #wbff #npc #ibff #university #college #collegeuniversity #brand #entrepreneur #lecture #physiology #fit #train #innerathlete #instapublic #fit #train

Sharpen your mind

March 10, 2019

Sharpen your mind and get in shape at the same time, with an innovative new workout stimulating multiple areas of the brain as it strengthens and tones the entire body. 

Neuroglia cells and the brain

March 9, 2019

SBSB Education Academy: Neuroglia, also called glial cells, are cells of the nervous system. These cells that form myelin, protect, support, and maintain equilibrium in your nervous system are called glial cells. They are also commonly known as neuroglia and even more simply glia. In more detailed terms, neuroglia are cells in your nervous system that are not neurons.They compose a voluminous support system that is essential to the proper operation of nervous tissue and the nervous system. Unlike neurons, glial cells do not have axons, dendrites, or conduct nerve impulses. Neuroglia are typically smaller than neurons and are about three times more numerous in the nervous system. Photo description Cells of the Brain: neurons are yellow, #astrocytes are orange, #oligodendrocytes are grey and #microglia are white.

JUAN GARTNER / Getty Image #neuroglia #superbodysuperbrain #brain #braineducation #braineducationtv #physiology #wbff #ibff #npc #innerathlete #kinesiology #superbrain #yoga #neuroscience #instabrain #instapersonaltrainer #gettyimages #cells #neurons #glialcells

Exercise is more than burning calories

March 5, 2019

Exercise is much more than burning calories – just think all the complicated processes happening inside the body at a cellular and metabolic level In a report recently published in Current Biology, researchers explored the relationship between exercise and “energy expenditure” (calories burned). This study monitored the physical activity and corresponding total energy expenditure in 322 men and women in North America and Africa.

What the researchers found was a little surprising. Physical activity did increase energy expenditure as expected, but only up to a point. Physical activity was monitored by accelerometers, which measure counts (units of “motion”) per minute per day, taking into account motion and velocity. At lower levels of activity, increasing the counts per minute per day did increase energy expenditure. However, with higher mean counts per minute per day, increasing counts did not increase energy expenditure, indicating a ceiling effect. So in this study, after a certain point, more exercise did not equal more energy used.

Based on their findings, the study investigators encourage that we reconsider current public health messages that state more exercise equals more energy expended, as this is not always the case. image from @metabolic_mike #superbodysuperbrain #super #exerciseismedicine #metabolism #metabolic #ibff #npc #wbff #ufc #train #instaeducation #brand #entrepreneur #metabolism #intermittentfasting #ketogenic #michaelgonzalezwallace

London patient might be second to be cured of HIV

March 5, 2019

Thank you Oprah Magazine

March 4, 2019

Thank you to @oprah @oprahmagazine for featuring my program @superbodysuperbrain and call it “The Workout that does it all” What’s the ace-in-the-hole when it comes to your overall health? Resilience. It’s what prevents you from getting that nasty office bug and will help you bounce back faster if you do. Personal trainer Michael Gonzalez-Wallace’s program strengthens this precious quality along with your mind and muscles (not to mention boost your immune system and sense of balance, all the while burning calorie after calorie). What’s not to sweat about?

Read more: #superbodysuperbrain #oprahmagazine #oprah #owntv #drozshow #wbff #ibff #npc #harpercollinns #nyctalent #yoga #instamotivation #instapersonaltrainer #medical #physiology #confidence #brainbody #workout #loseweight #weightwatchers #jennycraig #michaelgonzalezwallace

My Program in Schools!

March 4, 2019

My Body Brain 🧠 Workout at PS 277 @nycschools Our kids need more targeted exercise that will benefit all the kids individually- my program focuses in

1️⃣motor skills 2️⃣strength training 3️⃣Endurance 4️⃣balance 5️⃣coordination #superbodysuperbrain #publicschools #nycdepartmentofeducation #kidsfitness #schoolteacher #wbff #schoolgym #instakids #motorskills #balance #coordination

Effectiveness of Exercise in hepatic fat mobilization

March 2, 2019

Effectiveness of exercise in hepatic fat mobilization in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NASD)


AIM: To investigate the efficacy of exercise interventions on hepatic fat mobilization in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) patients.

tions. The beneficial effects of exercise on intrahepatic triglyceride (IHTG) were seen even in the absence of significant weight loss. Although combining an exercise program with dietary interventions augmented the reduction in IHTG, as well as improved measures of glucose control and/or insulin sensitivity, exercise only significantly decreased hepatic lipid contents.

CONCLUSION: Prescribed exercise in subjects with NAFLD reduces IHTG independent of dietary intervention. Diet and exercise was more effective than exercise alone in reducing IHT photo: Felipe Isidro @linkedin #fattyliverdisease #fatmobilization #superbodysuperbrain #exercise #medical #liver #ketogenic #train #tryglicerides #phone #branding #intermittentfasting #nih #pubmed

Professional Handballer- Eyes closed exercise can you do it?

March 2, 2019


Professional handballer trying SBSB section with the eyes closed: Athlete is performing with 5Kg dumbbells eyes closed exercise with balance and adding bicep curls without losing balance #handball #athlete #superbodysuperbrain #superbrain #michaelgonzalezwallace #supergenes #fitness #instafit #wbff #npc #ufc #ibff #balonmano #balon #performance #instagram

Push Up Test

February 28, 2019

Push ups and cardiovascular health!

How many push ups 😬 can you perform? My Number is 54 want to get to 64 😆 push ups can be associated to cardiovascular strength

Boston, MA – Active, middle-aged men able to complete more than 40 push-ups had a significantly lower risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) outcomes—including diagnoses of coronary artery disease and major events such as heart failure—during 10 years of follow-up compared with those who were able to do less than 10 push-ups during the baseline exam.

Public Speaking?

February 12, 2019

Thank you to celebrity photographer @barrymphoto for including in his line up of talented artists he photographs! #photographer #celebritybigbrother #portrait #sag #celebrityphotographers #movie #producer #callme